About Charlemagne Cattery

I have been a member of Waratah National Cat Alliance since September 2007; the organisation changed to Australian National Cats Inc. (ANCATS) to encompass its Australia-wide activities.

I have always had a cat (among other pets), growing up in rural Tasmania in the heart of the hop farming area in the Derwent Valley. Upon marriage to Jim in 1973, I moved to King Island in Bass Strait with my tortoiseshell part Persian, Migs. After about ten years we moved to the other end of Australia (my husband works in the mining industry) to a small mining town south-west of Townsville. My darling Migs died at the grand old age of eighteen, shortly after the arrival of our son. I remained without a cat until our family (now with the addition of our daughter) settled in the Townsville suburb of Kelso after a few years in Rockhampton.

Helen F. Cook - With Lord Jim
Registered Breeder Australian National Cats (ANCATS) Townsville, Queensland
A friend who breeds Devon Rex cats introduced me to Cat Shows and we became the proud owners of Devon Rex cats (Nicholas, a black smoke boy; and Jazzy, a black girl). (See photo gallery for photos). My husband was not too keen on the Rexes, and they now reside with our daughter who loves them dearly.

Some years later my husband agreed that I could have a Maine Coon cat, and we were fortunate to "find" Sue and Dick Wye at Wyecoon Cattery "just up the road"; thus Delilah joined the family. Sue and Dick encouraged my interest and in July and August of 2009 Susan and Clawdia joined us as potential Queens. They had their first litters together in February 2012, and their second in July/August 2012. As breeders will know, it is not without its traumas and dramas - but what joy to awake with eleven kittens tumbling around the bed!

I have become involved in showing some of my cats, but mainly only in Townsville to date as I find it difficult to be away from home (too many animals).

I am also to start a two-year study course to become a qualified Feline Judge with ANCATS ...... have not quite got into it yet as it looks a bit scarey!