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About Maine Coon Cats

This breed is one of the oldest natural breeds originating in the New England area of North America, having been around since the late 1800s. New England winters are very harsh, with heavy snowfall; the Maine Coon cat's characteristic heavy, uneven coat with long, bushy tail, generously tufted toes and large, high-set and tufted ears all enable it to cope with this harsh climate.

However, as a breeder based in Tropical North Queensland, I find the Maine Coon retains the characteristics of the breed though with a less heavy coat; the cats do cope well with the heat though care is taken (as with any animal) to avoid heat stress. Tropical cats who later reside in the cooler climate of the southern states of Australia or in Europe will develop a heavier coat.

The breed is categorised as "semi-long hair". Coat colour and pattern appears in many varieties from solid (single) colour through to the multi-hued tortoiseshell and everything in between.

This breed will take four to five years to mature.

Maine Coons love playing with water but do not always appreciate being bathed. The coat requires regular grooming and occasional bathing in order to prevent matting.

The Maine Coon is generally a sweet-natured, friendly cat. They do not have a "big" voice, but can be lovely "chatty" companions who like to help out with household chores and generally check out what is going on. They are not usually a "lap" cat, but can be great smoochers and will enjoy sitting or sleeping alongside their human family. They love a game, and appreciate access to tops of bookshelves and cupboards from which to launch themselves, or upon which they sprawl to keep an eye on things.

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